18 year old Jap/Swiss guy from Canada. I'm kind of artistic and I can kind of play guitar.


why is this so hard

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Extremely rare photo of Lil B ! Collect this! And spread around basedworld - Lil B


Extremely rare photo of Lil B ! Collect this! And spread around basedworld - Lil B

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double whammy 


double whammy 

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How To Have Cybersex On The Internet



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Reading Festival, 2005-2014

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Ryo Oyamada, a 24 year old student from Japan, was struck and killed by an NYPD vehicle in a hit & run.  Witnesses say the police car had no lights or sirens on and was going over 70 mph.  The released footage by NYPD was proven to be heavily altered in a cover-up, showing “lights” on the vehicle, when compared to footage from the NY Housing Authority on the same street with the same timestamp. 

On a personal note: I know that this will probably not be shared or reblogged very much, because Asians are not very prominent in American culture.  I understand this, because Asians (like me) are partially at fault for being so passive.  But I am begging you to please consider signing this petition out of human decency.  Ryo was just a student walking home, then struck by a nearly silent police cruiser going at excess speed, and the NYPD covered it up. 

Here is the side-by-side comparison of the released video footage, including updates from the case.  *Edit*  This article contains a link to a graphic video moments after the crash, showing the body of Ryo Oyamada and NY citizens yelling at the police.  Please advise, it is highly disturbing. 

And the following is an excerpt from the petition, which as of now only has 286 signatures.


I hope Michael Brown’s tragic murder can cause people to shine a brighter spotlight on cops getting away with everything.

wearing these during sex

wearing these during sex

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ohh nice drawing son… ill put it right here in the shredder where it’ll be nice and safe

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